Time to Fly is a full bodied  Shiraz (Syrah). These grapes are from the Yarra Valley and influenced by traditional Kurdish wine making techniques. We made this with the help of friends who came to the winery to lend a hand to get this special series happening. 

Time to Fly is symbolic of the desire for freedom with the artwork created by Farhad Bandesh whilst imprisoned unjustly in Australian refugee detention centre prisons for nearly 8 years.  It is a wine that signifies a search for freedom.

This crisp, clean and creamy Chardonnay is an easy drinking quaffer, perfect for afternoons with Fruit sourced from the Riverland SA.

This wine represents a need for freedom and equality, dressed in the beautiful artwork of Farhad Bandesh.


6 Shiraz wine 2021

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6 Shiraz wine 2021