The inspiration

The inspiration

Bandesh Wine & Spirits is inspired by a great human rights activist, artist and musician.

Farhad Bandesh is a person whose incredible resilience, resistance, humanity and activism for human rights has touched many.

'My journey is one of deep struggle, of leaving Kurdistan where I was born and raised, where I was no longer safe. I sought freedom and safety and had to risk my life for it, leaving my home, family and friends.

Imprisoned for seeking asylum he was finally released after nearly 8 years.

'I am free and able to work in an industry I love. To work in wineries and with
a business that makes incredible products and raises awareness of human rights issues.... it really is a dream come true.'

Check out the Stories page for more about Farhad and follow his Farhad Bandesh Art Facebook page and of course Insta....

Photo by Sarah Pannell

The start.......

The start.......

Creating Bandesh Wine & Spirits is an incredible journey and is inspired by Farhad Bandesh, an incredible human rights activist, artist and musician. We united over a mutual passion for spirits and wine, writing and producing songs, videos, exhibitions and activism since 2016.

We start by launching two very special wines along with the first ever Kurdish Arak and Kurdish Gin.

Time to Fly is our favourite and symbolic of the desire for freedom with artwork by Farhad.

Game Over is a tribute to the Amnesty International
campaign led by ex Socceroo legend Craig Foster to fight against cruel policies that detain people seeking asylum.

The Kurdish Arak and Gin will be a complete surprise
to all of you with botanicals flavoured and influenced from Kurdistan!

This business starts at home where we are enveloped in
warm scents of many beautiful botanicals. There is a particular feeling when the scent of the Indigenous botanical from the mountains of Ilam, Kurdistan,
wafts through and touches us with feelings of family, friends and homeland.

We aim to not only make decadent products, we want to
raise awareness about human rights and social issues and we look forward to sharing stories of resistance and humanity and toasting to it all....

Jenell Quinsee - Bandesh Wine & Spirits.